Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I am a very anxious dental patient which is why for things other than fillings and cleanings, I need to be sedated. This is the first time I did "conscious sedation". Normally I am put right out (or what feels like I am completely asleep). I did not know that I would be "awake" and was quite nervous about experiencing the procedure in a conscious state. Wow!! Was I wrong! Dr. Guorgui assured me that it would be a pleasant experience even though I would be awake. He was right!! I was so relaxed and comfortable...there was no pain...I really don't even remember the actual extraction although I know I was awake. The whole experience was wonderful and trust me, "wonderful" would never be a word I would use for any dental procedure. Nurse Maria was fabulous...friendly and informative...even called me at home later that day to make sure I was feeling well. Because of this experience, if I need to be sedated again for some dental work, I can assure you I will be using Dr. Guorgui and his team.

- Tracey B

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